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Calvin Hayes, Sr. (Cal) grew up on a small farm in Chase City, Virginia. As a child, he often worked in the fields before dawn until past sunset with his three sisters and three brothers. While he loved the hard work, he knew he wanted to be independent and to improve his financial status. To do this, he left Chase City the fall after his high school graduation. Moving to Philadelphia, he lived near five siblings. This allowed him to maintain family ties while working in cleaning services in addition to his full time job. It was in Philadelphia that he met and married his first wife, Chris, and had two sons, Bruce and Calvin, Jr.
In 2011, Cal retired and moved to Richmond to marry his wife, Val. After redecorating their home and landscaping the front and back, he found he missed working. At the same time, he was reminded of the need for scholarships for college students and jobs for people without a work history. He began Cal’s Cleaning Crew adding to his principles, the goals of raising scholarship money and giving new job seekers an opportunity.
Loving hard work, independence, and family, Calvin decided to start his own business, Quality Maintenance. He built his entire client base by word of mouth. People either heard about or saw his work and then hired him (and his workers). Cal followed three principles that have been carried over to his new business in Richmond. The first is that he works along with his employees. He sets the pace, and the quality of the work by example as well as by supervision. The second is that he does not get paid until the client is satisfied. The third is that he prices his work so that he makes a little and the client saves a little.
In 2011 Calvin Hayes married Val Fisher. Since Val had graduate courses in business and computer experience from teaching courses online, he asked her to be in charge of digital marketing and office operations when she retired. Because she shares Cal’s commitment to raising money for scholarships and giving people job opportunities, she agreed.
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