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Cal's Cleaning Crew

High Quality Cleaning in Richmond, VA

Residential Cleaning — Cleaning Services in Richmond, VA
When you call the professionals at Cal's Cleaning Crew of Richmond, VA, keeping your home or business looking incredible is easy. Say farewell to domestic and workplace messes with our residential and commercial cleaning services.
  • Exceptional Cleaning Services
  • Apartments
  • Houses
  • Office Buildings
  • Daycare Centers
  • Banks
  • Final Construction Clean Up
  • Office Space
  • Health Care Centers and Offices
  • Assisted Living Facilities
Real Estate and Apartment Cleaning Services
Cal's Cleaning Crew provides an excellent opportunity for realtors and property owners to prepare for new tenants with our move in/out cleaning service.
Commercial Contracts
Commercial offices and banks can take advantage of our Clean Pro service. It improves their appearance to reflect a clean professional environment.
Green Cleaning (Chemical Controlled)
It is important for healthcare and daycare facilities to take special care with their cleaning products, which is why we offer our Clean Green package.
Construction Site Clean Up
Let Cal's Cleaning Crew put the finishing touches on your newly constructed or renovated project by removing nails, saw dust, and more.
Cal's Cleaning Crew goes above and beyond what's necessary to have your residence or business spotless. When the work is complete, we follow up with a call to make sure you are satisfied with the service received. This is one way we establish a positive experience for our clients.
Reception Area — Cleaning Services in Richmond, VA
Contact us today in Richmond, VA to schedule an appointment with our crew.