What to Do Before the Professional House Cleaner Arrives

Professional House Cleaner

If you have hired a house cleaning company to clean your house for you, the question of what you need to do before the cleaner arrives (or, if you really need to do something before they arrive) might be hanging over your head.

The thing is, you might want to do some things and minor chores if you want the house cleaner to be able to focus on the actual cleaning.

If you aren’t sure which parts of your home the professional cleaner would clean, you can talk to them first as soon as they arrive to discuss this. Or, you can leave a list of the particular items you want the cleaner to attend to – wash dishes, put dirty clothes in laundry, and so forth.

Before the professional house cleaner arrives, you might want to de-clutter your floors. The cleaner will most likely vacuum your floors, and, if you have random clutter on the floors, like pieces of clothing, toys, or shoes, your cleaner will spend some time picking these things up instead of concentrating on thorough vacuuming.

Put fresh sheets out if you want the cleaner to change your sheets. Putting fresh sheets where the cleaner can easily see them will save them time in looking for new sheets to put on your bed.

Put dirty clothes you want washed into a laundry basket. If you have requested for your dirty laundry to be attended to, at least put the ones you want laundered in the proper place. This makes it easier for the cleaning professional to do their job.

Keep valuable items out of sight. Even if your trusted house cleaning company has conducted in-depth background investigations on their cleaners, it will still be safer to keep your valuables in a safer place.

Don’t leave important documents laying around. It’s the cleaner’s job to remove common rubbish in the house – and they might assume that those important paper to you are just ordinary trash that needs to be thrown out if you don’t keep them in an appropriate spot.

If you have so much clutter around that you need to hire a junk removal company, do that first so the cleaners will not have to work around the junk as you will end up paying way more. A reliable resource in Vancouver is https://www.ridofitvancouver.ca/service-areas/junk-removal-vancouver/