Carpet Issues that May Void Your Carpet Warranty

Carpet warranties can be a big help as it comes with many benefits. But, even if the carpets are really expensive, not everyone who has purchased them can claim carpet warranties.

There are many carpet issues that can void carpet warranty. And, if you want to full take advantage of this warranty, you have to take great care of your carpet.

Apart from knowing how to take care of your carpet, it’s important to know which issues might result in your carpet warranty being voided. These are some carpet issues that may void you your warranty:

Not hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to clean your carpet. Carpet manufacturers will require you to have your carpet professionally cleaned for them to deem you eligible for a warranty. Don’t forget to keep proof such as receipts to show that you have had your carpet cleaned by professionals.

Not hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to clean your carpet soon. Not only would you need to have professionals clean your carpet, you have to make sure that they clean in within the time period specified by the manufacturer. Some manufacturers instruct that their carpets be professionally cleaned every 6 months, while others require for their carpets to be cleaned every 24 months.

Not following the correct cleaning method recommended by the manufacturer. Most carpet manufacturers only recommend hot water extraction carpet cleaning method. Choosing other cleaning methods, such as encapsulation and bonnet cleaning, might result in your carpet warranty being voided.

Water and flood damage on carpet. Unfortunately, even when flood isn’t really something you can control, water and flood can cause damage to your carpet that might be irreparable.

Not using the recommended carpet padding. The manufacturer won’t only mention for you to put padding under your carpet, but it would recommend a specific type and quality of carpet padding for you to use.

How Often Should I Have My Carpet Cleaned by Professionals?

If you have carpets in your home, it’s probably normal that you hear individuals giving you different advice as to how frequently you should have your carpets be cleaned by professional carpet cleaners.

The truth is, there really is no one standard time for every homeowner to have their carpets professionally cleaned. Each answer would be different. The frequency of the need for professional assistance for carpet cleaning will depend on the amount of dirt your carpet accumulates.

For an instance, if you leave alone in your apartment and don’t usually have anyone else around, it’s possible that your carpeted floors isn’t extremely dirty. But if you share your home with many family members, including many toddlers, pets, and you have guests hanging around all the time, that might call for a more frequent professional carpet cleaning.

The same can be applied to the specific areas in your home. A carpet runner for your stairs might need more frequent cleaning than your carpet placed in an area not often walked. Depending on the foot traffic on an area, the regularity of professional cleaning would certainly change.

To give you an idea, though, here is the general rule when it comes to the frequency of professional cleaning recommended for different scenarios:

If you live alone, you can have your carpets cleaned by professional carpet cleaning companies once every two years, unless the carpet warranty has different instructions.

If you live with kids, your carpets should be cleaned by professionals at least once a year.

If you live with pets, your carpets should be cleaned by experts twice a year.

If you live kids AND pets, you should have professionals clean your carpets at least once every three months.

Aside from professional cleaning, you should also maintain your carpeted floors yourself by frequent vacuuming and spot cleaning.

If you live alone, you can vacuum your carpets at least thrice a week.

If you live with pets or children, it is ideal to vacuum your carpets once a day.